America Has Left The Country Part II

America Has Left The Country Part II

School 01

“No, absolutely not.”

That was the answer from administrators at Fort Collins High School in Colorado when the students wanted to celebrate ‘Merica Monday to honor the United States.

“They said they didn’t want to offend anyone from other countries or immigrants,” a 16 year-old student told a news reporter. “They…

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America Has Left The Country

America Has Left The Country

Part I

You will probably be shocked when I tell you this but…

Dedicate 2It’s time to let the “cat out of the bag.” The family has decided to pack up and move to Colombia. The way things are now it’s become too difficult here. We feel there is a better chance for us in South America.

It will be kinda hard to communicate at first because we don’t speak Spanish. It will be okay, we’re sure folks will help us…

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Say What You Will — Time Rules

Say What You Will — Time Rules

Time 1Wake up for work

Time 2Be there for the start

Time 3Can’t miss this

Time 4Time is money

Time 5If you don’t show…

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

My buddies at the LBC have their own tales to tell:

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The Little People Are About To Lose Their Internet Rights

Net 1We all know the frustration of the spinning circle

Well a few moments ago, I received a tremendous shock…

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed rules that will allow internet providers to charge companies like Automatic, Netflix or Etsy for access to their subscribers.

You know what this means.

Money talks. Big company subscribers, those preferred customers, will have an “e-pass” to…

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Have You Moved Forward?

Have You Moved Forward?

A revised post from 2010

Forward 3My late husband was laid back in his recliner sippin’ his morning cup of coffee when I burst into the room.

“Look at this e-mail from Janie,” I fumed. “It’s hard to understand why people create these stories. Maybe I will post a protest on my blog.”

David looked up from the print out, “You may lose a friend.”

“I don’t think so, hon,” I retorted. “Janie isn’t like that.…

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Puppy Love Ain’t Real

Puppy Love Ain’t Real

Originally posted on Maxi’s Comments:

One of my favorite posts from the past:

When we’re young and that first special someone lights our heart afire no one can convince us love won’t last forever; until reality comes aknockin’…

 Pup 0Hey, I know you

Pup 1Don’t try to make up for bitin’ my tail

Pup 2Sorry, I won’t call you any more names

Pup 3I don’t care if you are a kitty kat

Ain’t love grand!

 May Your…

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