You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Like It

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Like It

Levi’s Journey:

Levi 1Hey, it’s me Levi. You know, the new
and most special family member at
gramgram’s house … uh, maxi to you.

I’m guardin’ my blankie ‘cause the
family thinks they can just snatch it
up any ol’ time they want.

Levi 2Somethin’ big is goin’ on over at the
big PC. Gramgram has papers all
over the place and the keyboard is
just aclackin.’

Now I gotta tell ya, it’s really hard
to hold myself…

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Please Don’t Go

Please Don’t Go

Time Out 2

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

o5A0 - CopyNews from Home: This is new family member, Levi. He is two months
old, is a domestic short hair, has blue eyes and red markings on his ears
and tail.

Granddaughter Brittany is thrilled; she waited a long time
for this little guy.

We bought Levi home on Wednesday, the ninth. He is doing great.

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Ya Gotta Keep Your Eyes Closed To Be A Blogger

Ya Gotta Keep Your Eyes Closed To Be A Blogger

Blogger 1First off, let me say thank you one hundred times to all of you who take your precious time to read my stuff.

Long ago I learned that we can drop a few coins in a tin, sign our John Hancock on the bottom line, or agree to a donation. Still, nothing comes harder than to give of our time.

At least for most of us.

Anyways, the reason I’m writing to y’all is to find out if you have any problems…

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The Sky Really Is Falling

The Sky Really Is Falling

There is one expert who knows much ado ’bout nothing…
my girl, Maxine

Max 1Max 2Max 3Max 4Max 5Max 6Max 7Max 8Max 9Max 10

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

News From Home:The girls are settled in and doing well. In a
couple of weeks we will have a new family member. Can ya guess?

TrufflesThe sign over the bowls says: The Property of Mr. Truffles

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When Someone Tried To Be Me

When Someone Tried To Be Me

Shadow 1Down on the seashore I
discovered my shadow

Shadow 2Later on I made a friend and we
had lots o’ fun with our shadows
Shadow 3Over the years more friends
joined my shadows

Shadow 4Then I noticed some
friends copied my style

Shadow 5This went on for years

Shadow 6A personality with fierce control
could not give in and let it go

Shadow 7In the end a true self was lost and
someone was left with only a shadow

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

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You May Be Guilty Of These Ten Bothersome Habits

You May Be Guilty Of These Ten Bothersome Habits

Know I’m guilty of a few…

Habits 1Cover Your Yawn

Habits 2Use An Elbow
Habits 3Ask First
Habits 4Call Ahead
Habits 5Don’t Assume
Habits 6Bring It Back
Habits 7Rarely ask a Favor
Habits 8Don’t Twist Words
Habits 9Take No Liberties
Habits 10Never Intrude

May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

Probably in trouble with my LBC buddies, don’t think this is actually
what they had in mind but … you can find out if you pay them a visit:
Shackman,The Old Fossil

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What Does An Ego Look Like?

What Does An Ego Look Like?

MirrorTake a look in here…

Re-posted from Adeeyoyo’s Blog:

Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Three in One

Jesus came to earth to show us the way,
That without our ego’s we are nothing
But what we imagine ourselves to be,
Chasing material wealth and properties
That will be worthless in the life to come.

Our earthly possessions own us, in fact,
As we strive to keep them safe while we’re alive
And to…

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